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It is the work of Mighty Craft
Game Development

From smartphone applications (iPhone / Android), social games and consumer games, please be consistent including project planning, server infrastructure, application development, event management. We offer a stable quality program with our own mobile framework. We also offer games to overseas career terminals, please contact us for localization to each country.

Mobile & Web Solution

We offer one stop service from planning ~ design ~ production ~ operation ~ update We will respond to the speed of response by in-house production as well as production and operation according to the growth of the site corresponding to the cloud server. We have track record of many smartphone sites, HTML applications, SNS game development, PC site construction, cloud building and operation.We can handle load countermeasure, trouble investigation / response, server relocation etc. Please inquire as a partner of your company by all means.We have many achievements of web application of business application!


We will propose VR contents creation, introduction of VR entertainment system etc etc.

App Service

From Mighty Craft, which specializes in social games, new brands centering on casual apps, technology demo apps appear! Even small possibilities make it interesting if you like it! As a place to discover a powerful technology "Mighty Craft" with faith, I will continue delivering from "owl studio" in the future!