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Mighty is the business content of the Craft
Game Development

Smartphone app (iPhone / Android) and social games, until the console game. Planning from the server infrastructure, application development, Please leave consistently, including event operation. It offers a stable quality of the program in its own mobile framework. Also to the terminal of the overseas carrier offers the game. Please contact us also localized to each country.

Mobile & Web Solution

Until the planning - Design - production - operation - update, offers of services at one-stop. All the speed of response by the in-house production, even to the cloud server will correspond to the production and operation in accordance with the growth of the corresponding site. Many smartphones sites and HTML apps, SNS game development, PC site construction, there is a track record of cloud construction and operation. Load measures and trouble investigation and response, also we will correspond to such as a server transfer. Please contact us by all means as your partner. WEB of business applications also have a lot of experience!


VR content production, we will make proposals such as the introduction of VR entertainment system.

app Service

From MightyCraft that specializes in social games, casual app, a new brand with a focus on technology demo app appeared! To interesting if form even a small possibility! As the excavation of the place of powerful technology "MightyCraft" in belief, we will order delivery from "owl studio" in the future!