Create 3D model from photo with 123D catch and display with Unity

It is O of the Sapporo office.

I created 3D models using AutoDesk 123D Catch and tried to display motion with Unity.

123D Catch is an application and service that can create 3D model data from photos.
It can be used for free (as of April 2016).


Step 1. From shooting of people to creation of 3D model data

First of all, I shoot a picture of a target which becomes a 3D model 360 degrees.

This time I got OG in the same Sapporo office to be a model, and U manager also helped with the shooting.
The shooting location is the entrance of the office.

sapporo 1

Because I did with Alimono, I take a 360-degree shoot while riding a dolly.

It may be thought that it is not a studio but such a place, but it seems to be good for the time being, because it seems easier to fit the joints when the background is not simple when composing photos.

Since the model can be put on joints afterwards by rigging, have your hands raised during shooting.

When shooting is completed, start downloading 123D Catch which you downloaded free of charge.

In order to use Autodesk ID registration is also necessary, please register and login.

After that, it's easy, just upload the shot image and wait for the model to be created.


And, as I said, somewhere in the 3D model that is actually finished is missing, etc. I repeatedly tried again and up.

ss 1 ss 2

Although I was not convinced, since I can not do anything about it even if I stepped on here, I moved to the next editing work at the stage when I was able to use something to some extent.

ss 3

Next is 3D model editing.


Step 2. Edit model data

The created model data is data including the background.
You have to edit this, make it a model of only people, and embed joint data so that you can move it.
Creating data that can move model data is called rigging, but this time I will create only the minimum amount of data so that Unity can operate to some extent.

We used open source Blender to edit model data.

First of all, it is necessary to scrap the unnecessary parts such as the background part from the model data.

The following is the state where the person model was selected.

blender 1

With the vertex selected somewhere in the edit mode, pressing the + key while holding down the Control widens the selection range.

blender 2

Flip the selection so that the background is selected and delete the selection.

blender 3

The background was deleted, it became a model only for you OG.

Next, we create bones (bones) and associate them with meshes.

blender 4

I did it!

Actually, I do not know well how to operate Blender, advise my colleague designer Mr. Y,Reference bookYou got me to lend you somehow (sweat;)


Step 3. Let's move with Unity!

As model data is created, I will incorporate it into Unity and move it immediately.

Imported from Blender by FBX format, imported by Unity.

Motion uses Unity's motion this time.

unity 1

I moved!

It is a poor 3D model although something is attached to the inseam, but it moved with Unity chan motion!

It was a new discovery that only programmers can prepare model data by themselves if this is the size.

It was a lot of fun!

Of course there are many issues to put it into practical use, but possibilities as a material will broaden, such as modeling monsters made of clay.


I also made it work with the application, but since I have uploaded what I built as WEBGL with Unity, I can check it with PC browser.




Autodesk 123D Catch has Windows desktop version and smartphone application version (iOS, Android).

Since the navigator of the shooting point is displayed on the person in the smartphone version, it seems easy to understand the shooting position, so it may be possible to create highly accurate model data by shooting the smartphone fixed to a tripod with a pulley this time I'd like to try it. Recent smartphones are higher in resolution than digital cameras a while ago.

123 dsma

123D Catch Android version screen. It is a shooting guide that encloses it with a square in a red line.


This time I referred you to the following site.