"Released topic VR with smartphone ~ Bungee Simulator ~" released

In Mighty Craft, we released a virtual reality (VR) simulation application, [reproduce topic VR with smartphone ~ Bungee Simulator ~] for iOS / Android.

"Bungee Simulator" is a technology demonstration appliance being studied at the Mighty Craft Production Department, which imitates data acquisition and representation by using AR (augmented reality) markers for position tracking which is normally impossible only with smartphones.

As a result, it is now possible to acquire user's short range position operation information without additional equipment other than smart phones, and various applications can be expected in the future.

This time, it is a simple game that expresses the fear of walking by riding on a stick-shaped board protruding from the roof of a building.

Please try by all means.

To use it requires smartphone and VR goggle, AR marker printed by yourself.

vr 1 jpg

【Ios version】

【Android version】

Print the following mark on the AR marker and stretch it in a place that will be in the center of sight when looking forward.

imagelicenselogo 02