iOS / Android application "SRM Fitness VR ~ Shoji and training ~" released

Today I released VR application "SRM Fitness VR ~ Shoji and training ~" for iOS / Android.

This is a free application that helps fitness with popular character "Shoko" of Super Real Mahjong website operated by our company.

It is now a topic VR (virtual reality) compatible application, and by attaching VR goggles set with smartphones and performing abdominal exercise etc, characters in the screen will help fitness.
It is a recommended application for handy VR experience and continuation of fitness.


This application has the following features.

◆ Spin off from "Super Real Mahjong"!
It is a spin-off work of "Super Real Mahjong" (so-called SRM) series famous for "catchphrase than Ron!"
Cute pretty 3D modeling of the series' face "Shoko" as an early heroine! The children who are different from usual appear!

◆ VR (virtual reality) training
By wearing VR goggles, you can experience like a child is there! Dress in your favorite costume and choose your favorite menu from 4 different types of training. Let's enjoy face-to-face abdominal exercise and pushups face to face in just the two VR spaces! Now, train your body with VR training to a macho body shape!

※ There is a need to prepare VR goggles for two eyes, such as "Google Cardboard" separately.

The application can be downloaded free from the following.

(Google Play)

(App Store)

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