Connect Yamaha NVR 500 to SIP client of Hikari Denwa

It is N of Tokyo head office. I tried connecting Yamaha's router "NVR 500" as SIP client of "Hikari Denwa router" PR - S300NE ".

PR-S300NE & NVR 500

The back is "Hikari Denwa router" NTT had set up "PR - S300NE".
I will try connecting an analog phone to this by "NVR 500" which is set up as a SIP client this time.

NVR 500 is compatible with Hikari Denwa and can replace Hikari Denwa router, but this time we will connect an analog phone as a SIP client so that we can talk.
There are many examples of setting up and connecting Hikari Den to NGW, but no example of connecting as a client was found.
Since there is a SIP client function, it should not be impossible to connect, but there is compatibility, so I do not know if I try it.

Another router or wireless LAN is already connected to the Hikari Denwa router, and it should be set as PPPoE Thru.
Without modifying existing facilities, connect NVR 500 to the LAN port of PR - S300NE and use it.

First, connect the notebook PC for setting to the free LAN port of PR - S300NE.

Based on the note memorized by NTT construction workers at the time of installation

To the browser and display the screen.

Since ID / PASS input screen will appear,

ID: user Password: XXXX ← Actual is not XXXX

And log in to the administration screen.

DHCP seemed to be enabled by default, so I could access the management screen immediately.

While thinking that it would not be possible, from a wireless LAN connected to an existing router under the control192.168.1.1When you connect it to ...
You can connect with anything! !
Even though it should be connected to the WAN side of the existing router, I routed it arbitrarily.

Now, I will check the phone settings here.
Since SIP client registration means extension registration, select "Phone setting - Extension registration".

Extension registration

Try setting NVR 500 at extension number 3.
Since the registration status is not registered, click "Edit".

Extension setting

In order to confirm the operation by default, we will change the setting only for the notification number · the number you want to receive without changing the parameters here.
Make a note of only the user ID and password.

Next is the setting on the NVR 500 side. NVR 500 uses initialized one.

The NVR 500 has not yet connected to the network, connects the notebook PC to the LAN side,

Open in the browser.

A popup will pop up asking for ID / PASS, but since it is not set in the initial state, proceed with the enter key.

NVR 500


Since the administration menu appears, first press the "Detail setting and information" button.

NVR 500-2

Press the setting button of LAN setting (IP address, DHCP server).


Here, set the primary IP address of the LAN port to the same segment as the Hikari Denwa router.
Because young numbers may overlap with DHCP, Is entered.
Also, I will not use the DHCP server function, so uncheck it.

If you press the Confirm Settings button, the confirmation screen will appear, so proceed as it is.

Unplug the laptop's LAN cable from NVR 500 here.
Connect the cable on this LAN side to the LAN port of the Hikari Phone router "PR - S300NE".

From here we will reconnect the notebook PC to the underlying wireless LAN and enter the new address Connect to NVR 500 with.

Open the management screen again.

NVR 500

Now press the "Set phone" button.
Then proceed to "TEL common setting" - "Basic setting".


Click the "Register self SIP address" link in "Number setting" item of "Basic setting (TEL 1 port) number setting".


Enter the phone number that you want to call in "Phone user name (used for outgoing call, incoming call)" from the area code and press "Confirm connection".

Go back to the previous menu and display "VoIP setting" - "VoIP basic setting".


Check the "VoIP function" to "◎ use" and press the confirmation setting.

Finally we finally proceed to register SIP parameters.
Return to the previous menu and display "VoIP setting" - "IP phone server setting".


Press the Add button here.


Here we set the parameters of the Hikari Denwa router that I noted earlier.

SIP address 3 @
Server address
User ID 0003
Password [Things that I noted earlier]

Check the "direct" of the TEL 1 port for the prefix at calling.
This prefix is the number (tone) to be added at the beginning of dialing, so that you can also change the route to send.

After setting, it is completed with "confirm setting" button.

If it is set correctly, the connection status should be displayed at the bottom of the top of the NVR 500 management screen.


Try testing by inserting the analog telephone's modular jack into the TEL 1 port of NVR 500.

Raise the receiver and dial the phone of your cell phone. ! It is success.

Also in the extension call, when you push up the phone with the handset up, the phone connected to the Hikari Dial rang! ! This is also successful!

There seems to be no problem with extension calls.

Hold and extension transfer is not good ...

In the telephone connected to the Hikari Denwa router, you can put on hold with hooking, melody will flow to the other party, but on the phone connected to NVR 500 we tried various timing including hooking and flash button but we can not.

Adjusting the number of hooking seconds also in the decimal point unit from the router management screen · · · It is useless · · · Honorable!

I could accomplish the purpose of connecting NVR 500 as SIP client to Hikari Denwa router and making / receiving calls ... · End here!

Practicality is a step now for phones that can not be held or transferred.