[Press Release] Launch "Super Real Mahjong Soriro R" in multiple languages ​​and start delivering to the world

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May 19, 2017

Mighty Craft Inc.


Mighty craft game development

Started delivering puzzle game "Super Real Mahjong Sorihito R" in multiple languages ​​and be distributed to the world


Mighty Craft Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroshi Nishikawa, hereinafter "Mighty Craft") incorporates a machine translation engine for "Super Real Mahjong Sorimichi R" of a mahjong puzzle game for smartphones It became multilingualized in bilingual languages, and distribution started on 28 App Store / Google Play (TM) including Japan.

The Super Real Mahjong series that appeared thirty years ago has been loved by many fans for games and appearance characters, and there are still many registered users on smartphone applications and career official web sites.
Mighty craft inherits the full rights of Super Real Mahjong since last year.

We have incorporated AI machine translation engine customized for games into the puzzle game application "Super Real Mahjong Soriwa R" in which successive characters of Super Real Mahjong appeared, and released it in a multilingualized language in 104 languages did.
In this multilingual release, we also developed an iOS version in addition to the Android version released last year in Japan, and started distribution on 28 app stores in Japan including App Store (App Store / Google Play.

In "Super Real Mahjong Soriroi R" released this time, you can advance the game by selecting any language from over 100 languages ​​(104 languages ​​at the time of release) on the setting screen during initial launch or game I can.
A puzzle with a simple rule of mah-jong tile matching can be enjoyed by users in each country in the language they are accustomed to.

For multilingualization, customized AI (artificial intelligence) machine translation engine developed by WEB translation system by Mighty Craft is customized for games, and it incorporates it in the application referring to original game translation dictionary.
By using AI machine translation, many languages ​​can be translated and reflected in real time. Translation is only translation of the text part, there is no mistranslation, but in evaluation tests asked to foreigners, there was almost no reaction to understand the game with high translation accuracy and no problem to play.
We will continue to develop translation games for games while also developing other games.


Mighty Craft plans to offer middleware as a machine translation solution as well as its own products, in response to the localization of games and applications, which was conventionally costly.
For social games and information update applications that require special operation, it is possible to reduce costs considerably compared with conventional localization.
We will develop it so that it can help to develop Japanese high-quality applications to the world.


Game name: Super Real Mahjong Sororitya R
Genre: Puzzle game for smartphone Free for play (with some charged fee)
Supported environments: iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch (iOS 8.0 or later) / Android 4.1 or later
Release time: Multilingual version released at the end of April, distribution to each country May start distribution.


Super Real Mahjong Sorimuto R download site

https://itunes.apple.com /jp/app/supariaru-ma-quesoritiar/id1128261947?mt=8(for iOS)

https://play.google.com /store/apps/details?id=com.mcraft.srmsr(For Android)

Super Real Mahjong Official Sitehttp: // www.srmj.com /

Mighty Craft Inc.http: // www.m-craft.com


Japan / USA / India / Canada / UK / Singapore / Philippines / China / Russia / Germany / Italy / France / Spain / Netherlands / Denmark / Greece / Portugal / Czech Republic / Croatia / Finland / Poland / Sweden / Hungary / Norway / Thailand / Indonesia / Vietnam / Turkey


Supported languages: Japanese / English / Chinese / Korean / Russian / Thai / French / German / Spanish Other releases 104 languages
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For inquiries about this release
Mighty Craft Sales Co., Ltd. Sales Department / Oosugi / Nakagawa

1-35-8 Higashi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-0013 Tokyo, 1st Sanmi Building 4F

TEL: 03-5985-2373 FAX: 03-5249-7023
Email: info@m-craft.comHP: http: // www.m-craft.com

Country Languages ​​List (2017 / May 18)
Japanese / English / Chinese (Simplified / Traditional) / Korean / Russian / Thai / Vietnamese / French / Spanish / Dutch / German / Portuguese / Italian / Finnish / Philippine / Polish / Swahili / Swedish / Greek / Bulgarian / Nepal / Burmese / Czech / Slovak / Danish / Hungarian / Arabic / Basque / Turkish / Irish / Norwegian / Icelandic / Persian / Malay / Javanese / Hindi / Indonesian / Latin / Mongolian / Hebrew / Hawaiian / Slovenian / Catalan / Esperanto / Romanian / Croatian / Luxembourg / Serbian / Ukrainian / Albanian / Estonian / Haitian / Creole / Amharic / Bosnian / Samoan / Bengali / Afrikaans / Armenian / Lithuanian / Azerbaijani / Belarusian / Scottish Gaelic / Uzbek / Kazakh / Georgian / Galician / Punjabi / Sunda / Marathi / Zulu / Rao / Cebuano / Corsican / Sotho / Kannada / Hausa / Chewa / Frisian / Gujarat / / Miao / Ibbo / Khmer / Kurdish / Kyrgyz / Latvian / Macedonian / Madagascar / Malayalam / Maltese / Maori / Pashto / Shona / Sindhi / Sinhalese / Somali / Tajik / Tamil / Telugu / Urdu / Welsh / Ssa / Yiddish / Yoruba / Zulu


















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