Reinstall Cygwin on Windows XP now

It is a trend of Wanna Cry of ransom type virus (Ransomware), and it was revealed that Windows XP is still active in the world.

Even though Microsoft should be out of support, Microsoft also puts out patches.

Yes, XP was still alive at Mighty Craft.

Although I will not explain in detail, XP was a machine that regularly operates the remote maintenance program of the fax server that I constructed earlier.

Windows XP is running on a mini PC, which is also connected to the LAN.

Another program runs on this XP, but the Cygwin program was running on CRON for many years in order to periodically delete files on the fax server.

Cygwin is the Unix (Linux?) Environment on Windows.

I can also use the same command for Linux use and it is convenient, so I installed it on the laptop Windows 10 as well.

I tried to add a Python module to this Cygwin this time and started the setup program.

I got a warning but continued the installation, so the installation was completed, but Cygwin did not start up.

When trying to start Cygwin, the following error window appears and it does not start.



Since the bash shell does not start with an error, we can not reach Cygwin's command line.

I thought, I checked the login even at telnet or ssh, but of course I could not connect.

I think whether the link of the DLL is broken or the file is gone, execute the system file check command at the command prompt.

Sfc / scannow

I came out with Windows XP installation CD and came out because I can not change the path.

Because I have reinstallation and file backup, I did various things, but it was impossible.

If you try to install Cygwin even if it is a newer version, the setup - x86 program will not qualify XP properly.






I wanted to replace it with a machine of Windows 7 or 10 for a moment, but since not only Cygwin but also Windows program is working, I was worried that this works properly except XP, so reinstall Cygwin I decided to.

First of all, I search for the archive (old version) can be downloaded from Cygwin's official page (








I knew, but I have no description or download of the archive. There was only the latest version of FTP mirror site.

As I mentioned earlier, the latest version of Cygwin can not be installed on XP.

I do not want this installer application to be excluded from the target of operation, so do not exclude it with the installer.


I searched for somewhere that the archive should have fallen, but I do not have any information.

It was in StackOverflow which always counts on.

There is evidence that it was corrected and updated with bars, so I do not know how long it will be effective.
The Cygwin installer can also be downloaded.
Since XP is usually 32 bit version, download the X86 version installer to the desktop.

As described on the site, create a shortcut for the installer and set it to start without checking the signature with the -X option.









Add "-X" to the end of the shortcut "Link to (T)" part.

Launch the shortcut for this installer.

Advance the setup program, enter the URL specified in StackOverflow in the part that specifies the download destination below and add (Add).







Download starts and setup is completed! Start Cygwin Terminal!

However, the terminal does not start. Unchanged bash shell error!

Since there is no choice, overwrite installation will give up, even if deleting the cygwin directory and installing a new one does not change the situation.

If I tried it many times from the installer and look at the processing situation, the URL of the download destination has changed in the middle.

Since there is no file in the specified URL, it seems that you get the file in another alternative URL and you get the different version.

I will return to the beginning, but I will continue looking for an archive of XP Cygwin.







was! Its name is "Cygwin-XP".

The installer has also been upgraded, and the mirror download URL of the archive is also listed.

Since the installer seems to be the same thing, enter the download destination listed here. ← Destination that was listed

This time the download destination does not change and it ends normally!

Cygwin (Cygwin Terminal) has started successfully.







From now on, there are things that we can still revive the environment, such as installation of sshd or telnetd, mail sending program (Cleancode eMai) and CRON setting etc.

I found the following site so please refer.

Cygwin Time Machine

Get CygwinXP Github


It was N of Tokyo head office.