Flets speed reduction in Sapporo and DS-Lite (IPv6 IPoE) connection

In Sapporo office, NTT 's optical fiber line FLET' s speed reduction was a problem.
The type of FLET'S is an apartment type 100 Mbps type.

In the daytime it does not matter so much, but the speed reduction after the evening is not so work by day.
It is often reported that it is lower than 1 Mbps (≈ 100 KB / sec).

Although I had a problem a while ago, it is difficult to grasp because the speed shake is large, as I investigate it, I am recovering.
I also thought about a way to acquire SNMP of routers and constantly monitor it, but since routers also included VPN, pure throughput could not be determined and it was postponed.
Since FLET'S can connect two sessions, I used another provider to make a detour circuit and also tested, but both of them did not speed up and did not solve the fundamental problem.

For over 10 years since opening Sapporo office, the office is located a few minutes from the station, but during the past 10 years many high-rise apartments and the like have become forested, shared the FLET'S line It can be imagined that it is congested or congested.

It seems that the speed reduction of the night is becoming a problem in various places in the net, and the problem is that PPoE terminating equipment is a bottleneck.
If so, you can not do anything at the user level.

Under such circumstances, each company has provided a technology (service) "DS-Lite" system that allows IPv4 communication by passing through an IPv6 network (IPv6 IPoE) without passing through PPoE via the FLET'S line.
It is said that a provider (I company) can also try 3 months (can be canceled).

This is a savior! I tried it.

However, since fixed IP is not provided and there is a service that can not be used such as VPN because it shares IPv4 IP address.
Still it is a prospect that if speed comes out it will be usable as a detour circuit.

Next is router selection.

If you check some providers that support DS-Lite method, Yamaha · Buffalo · Ao data seems to correspond with any provider with model designation.

Yamaha's router is used at the headquarters of Mighty Craft or the Sapporo office. Although it has been tampered with in detail, it is stable, but this time it has no way to tinker with the technology that I do not know the front of the FLET'S network, so I will make it a model that can be set from the WEB screen.

It seems that Iowa data models are recommended or sold by some providers, and G company is also a rental model of DS - Lite connection plan, so I will use this "WN - AX1167GR".

I will purchase it immediately ...However,







It is too cheap! Even tax included does not amount to 6,000 yen.

However, properly "IPv6 compatible" and the DS-Lite service name of the provider who is trying to connect are also listed.

It corresponds to wireless LAN that can be connected up to 16 units, not worrying about business price, but we will divide it as a test and proceed.

Apply online to the service of trialable provider I.
In that case, enter "customer ID" and "access key" described in the Flets contract document.

Next, connect the LAN cable of the router "WN - AX1167GR" to the FLET'S IIP telephone router, connect the AC adapter and turn on the power.
Recent IP phone routers are difficult to separate ONUs (line termination devices), so they are used in PPoE pass-through configuration.


I can not find a power light on the router.
Normally there is a lamp on the surface, but if you look closely it is a small lamp next to the WAN port. . .

I rework and connect the PC to the LAN port and display the management screen, Internet connection setting.

In this setting, select "transix" here and press "Setting" button. The provider will judge the line and authenticate it.

Although I do not feel whether I was connected to the Internet, since each page is displayed without any problem with the browser, I have a net connection.
VPN (PPTP) connection from the PC seems to be possible without problems.

Judge that there is no problem here and set "fixed IP allocation / DHCP server off / wireless LAN function off" for internal use, and connect the LAN side cable to the company LAN.

Restart the router and display the top status screen.

It seems that it is connected without problems.


I tried searching all menus, but I can not find a menu of routing settings (static route setting).

Hey, he does not respond even if he shouts that he should not call it a router, although he can not set routing.

Since it can not be helped, let's set up a routing so that another router will be the default gateway and forwarded to this router when necessary.


Now, finally, the speed measurement for the purpose that made the detour circuit! ! !

Measurement time is around 17 o'clock in the evening, though normal line speed has not so much changed yet.

From the browser for measurement,BNR speed test Use the.

To switch lines, use default gateway changeover from the PC terminal.

The following is the result.

■ Regular line (PPoE)
1. NTTPC (WebARENA) 1: 20.05 Mbps (2.51 MB / sec)
2. NTTPC (WebARENA) 2: 28.42 Mbps (3.55 MB / sec)
Estimated transfer rate: 28.42 Mbps (3.55 MB / sec)

■ A detour circuit (DS-Lite)
1. NTTPC (WebARENA) 1: 73.50 Mbps (9.19 MB / sec)
2. NTTPC (WebARENA) 2: 85.84 Mbps (10.73 MB / sec)
Estimated transfer rate: 85.84 Mbps (10.73 MB / sec)

Oh, more than three times faster!

However, 85.84 Mbps on the detour circuit seems to be the upper limit, because it is a 100 Mbps line.

This time it is for testing purposes, but after all we have to solve the original FLET'S line itself giga would not solve the fundamental.

I will report it again while testing it as it is.

It was N at the Sapporo office.