Dragon Dragon Shogi Online (Futurephone compatible) service will be terminated

Since launching the service in 2006, we decided to terminate the "Shogi Shogi Online" service (futura phone compatible site · application) that we have been patronizing for nearly 12 years.

We have continued development and operation for many years, but there was a message from AU that delivery service of "EZ application" will end on March 2018.

For Futurephones, we had service affecting the main application of communication competition, but we decided to stop the service of Docomo / Softbank as well.

We appreciate the patronage of our users for their patronage. Thank you for your understanding.

Service suspension date:

AU March 31, 2018 (EZ application)
Docomo May 7, 2018 (FOMA menu)
Softbank June 12, 2018 (Yahoo! Keitai Official Content)

* Menu content name to be enclosed in parentheses

As a communication fighting shogi we offer free application "Easy Shogi Online" for smartphone (iOS / Android), so please continue your patronage in the future.