We will support you to connect to a settlement server that does not support TLS 1.2

The connection of TLS 1.2 to the API connection to the credit card settlement of the EC site is made essential, and the number of settlement companies whose correspondence deadline is in June is also increasing.
Even our company has received inquiries from many companies, we respond to the program refurbishment.
It is OK to update the OS and applications to those compatible with TLS 1.2, but there seems to be something that we can not deal with for various reasons.
As the deadline expires, we have proposed several countermeasures so please inquire.
The following is a schematic diagram for setting up a relay server as an example of correspondence.
Program correspondence is minimal and it is possible to respond to requests to TLS 1.2.

There are other methods, so please contact us.
Immediate correspondence can be started according to customer's convenience.