[Press release] Super Real Mahjong P8 released

New work P8 of 'Super Real Mahjong' who gave the game center a story unleashed as an idol mahjong using Cloud Funding

Today announced the release of "Super Real Mahjong P8" for smartphones at Play Store (TM) at Android (TM), an idol mahjong game for smartphones, with Mighty Craft Inc. (Head office: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroshi Nishikawa) We began distributing it for.

The Super Real Mahjong which appeared in 1987 got popularity explosively when it was released for the game center, and it was a successive style, and sequels were made one after another. Seven works have been released up to P7 (Part 7) for business enclosures and home game machines, and games and appearance characters were loved by many fans. Even now, there are many registered users on smartphone applications and content sites, and character goods are also on sale.

We recently released Super Real Mahjong flow and released "Super Real Mah Jong P8" for smart phones. Upon releasing, we adopted cloud funding and it was completed with support of enthusiastic fans. In making the work, Mr. Yoshihiro Tanaka, who had been responsible for the production of the character design and original drawings of the series, has taken charge of some character production.

"Super Real Mahjong P8" is an orthodox two-person mah-jong game of the eighth numbering title of the Super Real Mahjong series. The story progresses while fighting the newly drawn idol character against Mahjong. The game application can be downloaded for free, and it is possible to play a story in the middle with three idols. After that, by purchasing the release key of 1080 yen, you can advance all the stories including the 14 idol characters that are added.

21 years have passed since the creation of P7 in 1997. Originally released as undressing mahjong including minor characters, because the values ​​of the world changed, P8 has been renewed as an idol mahjong. In addition, from the center of the business machine housing up to P7, we plan to deploy it on platforms such as smart phones, PCs and home game machines on P8.

In making P8, we adopted a sponsor system for in-game characters through cloud funding. At CAMPFIRE 's Cloud Funding, there was more than expected response, eventually more than twice the planned amount gathered and 14 characters appeared. Immediately after the release, three idol characters will appear, but sequential appearance and a total of 14 idol characters come together. Each character's name is sponsored by Cloud Funding as the godmother.

In the theme song of the game, I asked Mr. Fujita Meguro of a famous singer-songgradel in the mahjong community for songwriting and composition. Fujita 's singing theme song is recorded in the game in full version. To Mr. Fujita Erika, he is also appointed as an official supporter (goodwill ambassador) of the first Miss Super Real Mahjong contest conducted earlier.

I adopt voice actors of each character appearing in the game in an audition format. Currently we are still recruiting additional voice actors for additional characters and we are planning to debut as an idol unit in the future.

Mighty craft thinks that if it is said that young people are falling in popularity in recent years Mahjong is expected to help excite the world of mahjong with Super Real Mahjong as a trigger. Various collaborations will also be deployed.

Game name: Super Real Mahjong P8

Genre: Idol Mahjong for Smartphones Partial Play Free (charge release key \ 1,080 Yes)

Supported environments: Android 5.0 or later

Release time: August 21, 2018 Android version released * iOS version · PC version will be released sequentially within the year

Super Real Mahjong P8 Download Site


Super Real Mahjong Official Site http://www.srmj.com/

Mighty Craft Inc. http://en.lang.m-craft.com

Crowdfunding CAMPFIRE https://camp-fire.jp/projects/view/9612

Fujita Erika Official Site https://www.fujitaena.com/

First Miss Super Real Mahjonghttps://s.idol-mix.jp/srm/audition/2018/index.html

Super Real Mah Jong voice acting audition https://j-audition.net/srm-aud/

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