Escape Library VR
Escape Library VR

Escape Library VR
Price: Free
Target OS: iOS 8.0 or later, Android 4.1 or later

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game introduction
VR escape game appeared! Easy operation allows anyone to play!
Just solve the mystery and escape from the library! !
Let's compete with friends in clear time! Play at once!
how to play * How to operate in normal mode (non-VR)

Advance forward:
1 tap and press and hold to move forward!

Go backwards:
2 Tap and press and hold to go backward!

When you approach the item you need, the item will blink!
You can GET items by tapping on blinking.

open the door:
When approaching the door the door flashes! Use the item (key) with a tap to OPEN the door!

To solve a mystery:
A number of puzzles are hidden in each room! Let's escape from the library by solving the mystery!

Time and option buttons are displayed in each room! Tap the point and it will work!

Besides, you can usually play in VR mode, GearVR mode, GearVR + game pad mode!