Game development

Our company has been established as a computer game production company,
We are producing various playful contents that make use of entertainment.

To smartphone applications, social games, consumer games.
From planning to server infrastructure, including application development and event management, please be consistent.

Smartphone game application

We are developing applications and games for iPhone, iPad, Android terminal.
There are many achievements such as creation of browser-based applications from native applications.
I am also good at developing using Unity3D and Cocos 2d-x.
Please inquire by all means.

Social game development

There are many achievements of social game development, operation history including "diffusive Million Arthur".
We handle from planning to operation, we undertake contract management only.

Consumer games

We are producing consumer games such as Nintendo DS and PlayStation.
In DS, we have also built our own library, we have proven communication plans and WiFi compatible games planning and development with short delivery time.
There are also many production achievements such as "Shanghai" and "Dragon Quest".
Please contact us for detailed title etc.

Network game planning / production / operation

We are making Internet server connected type network game contents.