VR introduction support · content production service

Now familiar with the VR system

An immersive feeling like being in a virtual world with simple equipment
Appeal to all kinds of people · Capacity to attract customers
Equipment and content prices which had been tens of millions of yen in the past are realistic

We will propose VR content creation, introduction of VR entertainment system, etc.


Systems provided by us

Installation type VR system
We will provide content for the VR headset (HTC Vive / Ocurus Lift / Windows MR etc) for personal use, which is installed in the shop or the event venue and experienced visitors wear it on the spot or on site.

(Reference: VR device for Windows MR: 50,000 yen / unit)

Distributed VR system

We provide a system to experience the user's smartphone using a paper or low price (around 2000 to 5000 yen) easy VR device.
We distribute content as smart phone application or provide it as WEB content.

It is also ideal for distribution as a novelty in exhibitions and campaigns.
You can also customize the printing of the original logo.
(Reference: paper VR 1 set: 100 yen / 1000 unit lot)


About VR content creation / development

There are two kinds of VR contents, which are roughly divided depending on how to make it.

Creating live-action content to shoot and edit movies using VR camera

  • It is suitable for scenery, indoor, moving picture images with motion.
  • Although you can only move in front of you, you can move the viewpoint freely back and forth, right, left, up and down freely.
  • You can also create powerful videos of perspectives that you can not go on and can not go on, such as underwater photography or aerial photographs using drone.
  • It can be posted on WEB page, Youtube · FaceBook, etc. and can be browsed without dedicated viewer.
  • It is lower cost and shorter delivery time than CG creation.

Creating VR space with 3DCG (computer graphic)

  • For example, you can create a space that can not be realized, such as walking in a space with a dinosaur or an animated style townscape.
  • It can be used for presentation, simulation, etc. before implementation.
  • It is possible to create interactive (reaction with buttons, sticks etc) mechanisms and games.
  • Create CG as a program and create it as a dedicated application.
  • Cost and duration of production will depend on the scale.


VR Production Results

Escape Library VR
  • Smartphone game application
Owase City Kajima Masumoto Nozono (preparing for opening)

  • VR implementation assistance for local governments
Coming Soon

Coming Soon
  • Real estate viewing VR system