WEB system / application / sensor development

We provide system construction that feeds back game development experience.
Although the game and the business system seem to diverge at first glance, in recent years, a system incorporating game development technology has attracted attention.
"Easy-to-use interface" "Response speed" "Many simultaneous accesses" "Operational scalability" etc.
In the game, we add common sense user viewpoint to conventional system development
Incorporation of 'agile development method' which makes use of the voice of people who use system development method, etc.
In addition, tablets and smartphones compatible with the system are also essential, and productivity also increases with the usability of the application.
Since we have plenty of experience in developing business systems and contents, please do not hesitate to consult us.

IoT & Sensor system development

We combine database system for sensor system development and are challenging system development to correspond to IoT (internet singles = mono's Internet).
We have experience in agriculture system using soil sensor and toilet availability notification system using door sensor.
We are building a new mechanism, especially using mesh network, aggregating data from many sensors, analyzing data in the cloud and controlling from the application.
Let's change the world by connecting to the world with ideas and challenges! It is still evolving.

WEB system / mobile content construction

We will propose a site linked with the system from the design of the website to the mobile contents.
Please consider usability considerations, mechanisms for access analysis, membership sites, etc.
Sites where access is concentrated in a short period of time in campaigns, for example, also have distributed systems that will not slow down processing speed.
We also support site development and plug-in development using WordPress and EC-Cube.
As we are currently working on consultation on constant SSL by promoting Google, please consult us.

Database solution / system creation

The database is always running on the back end of the Internet such as shopping site · auction · questionnaire system.
Moreover, we replace the existing business system with the WEB system, and we can help saving labor and cost.
We are also building systems that support big data, and also provide open source support.
Development language PHP / Java / Python / Bash / HTML (CSS)
Since there are know-how about mobile applications and security aspects, please contact us.

Server migration · Cloud utilization solution

There are an increasing number of examples of security measures, cost reductions, stable operation, and migration from in-house servers to the cloud. Cloud services are also evolving constantly, so server migration between data centers may be able to achieve both compatibility with specifications and cost reduction.
It is also possible to investigate from the RFP definition and propose the optimal solution.
We have experiences of each company cloud, we solve various problems with abundant know-how in social game operation of 1 million people scale.
Cloud-n (NTT-PC) / Azure (Microsoft), etc. Others Cloud: AWS (Amazon Web Service) / Google / IDC frontier / Nifty cloud / GMO cloud / GMO application cloud / Sakura cloud

Virtual reality (VR) system · Contents production

VR is from game production to video content production. We are making various proposals from VR application using 3DCG to VR for amusement facility, dedicated camera, shooting 360 degree movies, editing · processing · publishing on the web.
We also do various demonstrations such as smart VR, PSVR, PC dedicated VR equipment (HTC Vive / Ocurus Lift / Windows MR), so please consult us.

Details of VR introduction and content production service