WEB system development and operation management

WEB production at our company will be handled within our company from the design using the database to the operation.

We have been able to accommodate from small ones to dozens of servers.

There are many achievements using open source, and it can handle customization and maintenance. Please feel free to contact us.

Construction of WEB site / Construction of mobile contents

The design of the website is very important to be the "face" of companies and services.
Unlike paper-based advertisements, web design also requires consideration for ease of use. Easy navigation,
We propose a reasonable design considering the original purpose of the website.
We will propose various technologies by constructing a website, especially in conjunction with the system, for sites and smartphones.

Database solution / various CGI production

The database is always running on the back end of the Internet such as shopping site · auction · questionnaire system. We support total from planning to operation.
Moreover, we replace the existing business system with the WEB system, and we can help saving labor and cost.
Please contact us because there are know-how about system using mobile and security aspect as well.

Server migration · Cloud utilization solution

There are an increasing number of examples of security measures, cost reductions, stable operation, and migration from in-house servers to the cloud.
Also, by migrating servers between data centers, both specifications and cost reduction can be achieved.
If there is a problem, I will propose an optimal solution after investigation.
We have experiences of each company cloud and solve the problem with abundant know-how in social game operation of 1 million people scale.

WEB system development

Would you like to make an existing business system a WEB system?
Please do not hesitate to consult us about system development for PC, tablet, smartphone using browser.

Virtual reality (VR) WEB system · Contents production

You can shoot, edit, process 360 degree movies with a dedicated camera, and publish it on the web.

Details of VR introduction and content production service